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Our Mission

It is our “Mission” to provide resources and opportunity for aide for any person that is currently unable to meet their own need that has a willingness to work in the Solution to their Problem. Extending the Arm of Christ to these people in need regardless of race, color, creed or national origin, sex, age. religion, handicap, or addiction.

Our Promise

It is our Promise to give Assistance to Everyone in need who comes through our Doors as we are ABLE with the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ.



The Mississippi Union County Mission was formally organized in 1956 by Rev. Paul Kirkendall, a reformed professional gambler. His purpose was to give Christian guidance and moral and humanitarian support to wayward men.

As the homeless population changed over the years shelter was increasingly sought by families, women, and women with children. As the need for full spectrum shelter grew so did the concept of housing women and children. The “Women’s Center” was completed in January 2009. The first women and children came in during the ice storm.

The primary objective of the Mississippi County Union Mission is to lead people to Jesus Christ and to give aide to those experiencing critical need.

Our mission is To help or respond to anyone with a true and sometimes, verifiable, need extending the arms of Christ This help is given regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, handicap, addiction or national origin.




The main building of the Mission is approximately 8500 square feet. It houses the administrative offices, a reception area, separate lounges, kitchen and dining areas, dormitories, a public restroom, and the Chapel.

Three warehouses provide more than 8500 square feet of storage available for clothing, furniture and appliances. The Mission also owns a pick-up truck.

A very limited staff directs the day to day activities of the Mission. In addition to Mission Executive Director, Mrs. Lisa Willard, one full time volunteer assistant and volunteer Facility Manager, William Sussen oversees the residents after hours ensuring clients are safe and shelter is available 24/7. Mr. William Sussen also directs the Work Program for labor both inside and outside of the Mission.

The mission has  A Volunteer Food Coordinator- Mr. Lee Clay, that oversee's the food distribution on designated days.