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is all it takes to feed and house one person for one night.



What We Need

Monetary Contributions
Private contributions are the primary source of income for the Mission. Your monetary contributions provide tangible “hope” for many who feel there is no “hope” out of their situation.


Mission Needs


  • We currently need 2 front loading washing machines. We have two washers and dryers in the womens shelter because of the children, and 1 in the men's for the men.
  • We need to replace 6 Chest freezer's and 2 Upright freezers.
  • For the clothing room our needs are Clothes Hangers, clothing racks, and storage totes cwith lids
  • Laundry Supplies
  • Twin Sheets sets and Blankets
  • White towels and wash cloths



People Needs


  • Personal Hygiene items for Men, Women and Children
  • Spiral Notebooks
  • Journals
  • Writing Supplies


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